Quad City Clown Troupe Library

Library materials are available for check out if the individual:
   Has paid his/her dues for the year, and
   is a member in good standing.  
The linked file below is the current index of DVDs.  There will be more
materials added as new materials are indexed and made available.  The
troupe accepts donations for the library and receives them during our
monthly meetings.  

NOTE:  Click the file below to browse the library.  Make note of the DVDs
you wish to check out.  Close the file using the BACK ARROW.  If you use
the "X" it may close the site in your browser.  

When you have made a list if materials you wish to check out, send email
to: qcclowns@gmail.com.  Your request will be forwarded to the library
custodians.  The materials will be brought to the next meeting.  Check out
is restricted to a maximum time of one month.  The limited on the number
of DVDs that can be checked out at one time is three.  
Current Library Index